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Travel in Comfort With Conversion Van Rentals

Consumers are increasingly using conversion vans as an alternative to flying both for business and pleasure trips. These luxurious vehicles offer a variety of amenities and conversion van rentals are surprisingly easy to rent for a day, a week, or longer periods of time – making them the ideal choice for family vacations, golf trips, road trips, and camping trips.

What is a Conversion Van?

A conversion van is a full-size cargo van that has been outfitted with various luxuries for road trips, camping, and other trips where additional comfort and extras such as televisions, mini fridges, DVD players, gaming consoles, Wi-Fi access, cushiony seating, luxury lighting, bathrooms, and even cooking facilities and sleeping accommodations. These vans are classified as either low-top, meaning the factory roof has not been altered, or high-top, which means the original roof has been replaced with a fiberglass top that allows occupants to stand straight instead of stooping over. Most luxury conversion van rentals are the high-top models.

Travel Vans

Travel vans are some of the most popular conversion van rentals, and they are requested by church groups, musicians, and small tour groups. These are ideal for family vacations and almost any type of road trip. A typical travel van will accommodate around 9 passengers with luggage and/or equipment, or up to 15 passengers who don’t need additional cargo space. Many of these models have a rear bench for seating that also coverts to a small bed. These are usually equipped with high-end electronics for comfort and practicality.

Disability Vans

These vans are structurally modified for wheelchair and/or mobility scooter accessibility. They are usually high-top vans, as a raised roof is required to facilitate adequate head and door clearance. Additionally, these vans have often been altered to include a lowered floor, as most wheelchairs “sit” higher than traditional chairs and car seats. A platform lift is added either at the rear door entrance, or the passenger side door entrance to facilitate the disabled individual’s entrance and exit to and from the vehicle. These may also be outfitted with other amenities when offered as conversion van rentals.

Office Vans

These are sometimes referred to as “mobile units”, “offices on wheels”, and “land jets” due to the fact that they are often outfitted with additional electronic capabilities, office-type furniture and specialized equipment. These vans are most often used by film crews, on-site corporate training facilities, frequent business travelers, and over-the-road sales or training personnel. Due to the fact that their amenities are highly specialized, many of these are custom-built for individuals or business organizations, and are not usually in high demand as conversion van rentals.

Campers and Motorhomes

These are classified into two types: Class B campers are made from full size cargo vans that have been extended about 2 feet, for a total length of between 17 feet to 20 feet, while Class C mini-motorhomes are vans that have had the back completely removed and replaced with a back that is bigger and more spacious. These can range between 18 feet to 30 feet, and amenities can range from the most Spartan, to incredibly luxurious. Both usually include toilets, sinks, microwaves, refrigerators, tables, side sofas and sleeping areas. Some of these can be rented at select locations, but are most often privately owned.

Overall, conversion vans offer a unique and comfortable way to travel. They offer an ideal solution for group travel of any kind, as customers can select from several different sizes as well as from a large variety of features to suit their individual needs. Additionally, they can increase the travel options for the physically-challenged.